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    Default No, I\'m the IDIOT!

    Trucked my tractor (Rising Sun) up the canyon the other day for a job. Everything went smoothly. I brought it home and took it off the trailer at night. As I walked by the other day I noted that the clevis I used to chain her down was still on the draw bar. I told myself I needed to take it off and hurried off to a job I was doing. Well, I jumped on her to do a little job for my niece. Went down and moved some dirt and tonight I noted that the clevis had turned and was under the three-point stabilizer for the left side. Took a closer look and sure enough the stabilizer was bent. All the connections looked to be ok, but now it's $50 or $75 to replace the parts. Just can't get ahead. Good thing there's no law for tractor abuse. She is due for her 50 hour and I need to mail order the parts so my dealer doesn't know what an IDIOT I am.

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    Call me idiot #2. I have a grill guard on my JD 950 which rotates forward and rests against the FEL when I need to raise the hood. Well the last time I had my hood up, when I put it back down, I forgot to raise the guard back up. I cut some brush, loaded it on the FEL, took it to the burn pile, raised the FEL, dumped the brush, backed up, turned around, started back to the brush area. I could not see that when I raised the FEL, the guard rotated down to the ground. The guard caught on the ground, bent back under the tractor, broke the tension pins holding it. [img]/w3tcompact/icons/blush.gif[/img] Amazingly enough, the guard was only slightly deformed. The brackets were only slightly bent. And I could find no damage to the underside of the tractor. I straightened the guard and brackets. Got some new pins and reattached it and never told anyone. Until now that is. [img]/w3tcompact/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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