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    Default my 1st tractor give me insight

    hey there to everyone i am in the process of buying my first tractor ever and it just so happen to be a Hinomoto E182 22HP 2 cylinder 2 wheel-drive and i would like to have the insight on this tractor if there is anybody out there with same tractor or same make you know give me the pros and cons of the tractor thanks to all and hope to hear the insight

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    Default Re: my 1st tractor give me insight

    If this is a grey market tractor, be prepared to do most or all or your own maintenance. Getting parts may be difficult and wait times can be lengthy.
    If buying from a dealer, make sure he is willing and able to do service. If buying from a private party...well, what I wrote in my first and second sentences apply.
    If you are not comfortable turning a wrench, this may not be the tractor for you.
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    Default Re: my 1st tractor give me insight

    Shane welcome to the forum. Hinomoto is not a tractor that is sold new in the US. There are importers that buy used tractors in their country of origin to be resold in the states. Some of the importers are very good and recondition the tractor as well as stock parts for them. Then there are importers that slap some paint on them, badge them as reconditioned and seem to be hard to find if you have a problem in the future. These used imports are know a Grey market tractors. As Roy mentioned some people have trouble getting replacement parts for some models and not many dealers of US brands work on Grey market tractors. If you are the type that does all your own wrench work and are sure you can get parts some grey market tractors can be a good deal.

    You will also want to evaluate your planned uses. A 2 wd 22 hp tractor is limited as to how much it can do. Traction will normally be the limiting factor. If light mowing is your primary need you may be ok. If dirt work is your goal it will be difficult to be productive with that size machine.


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