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    Default Opinions Please! RE: Ford 1620

    I've been shopping for a used tractor for a couple of months now, and came upon a 1995 Ford 1620. It has very low hours considering the year and is in absolutely immaculate condition. I don't know anything about Ford tractors so I'd like to hear from any 1620 owners about reliability, any problems they've had, and any known issues. I'd also like to hear from any Ford owners on how they feel about Ford in general.

    I'm looking forward to your help.



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    Default Re: Opinions Please! RE: Ford 1620

    Hey Tom. I don't own a Ford 1620, but did own a 1520, which is a 23HP engine vs I believe a 26HP engine for the former. Mine was a 1989 model, bought with 100 hours on it, and I put maybe another 300 on it before selling. Overall I was very impressed with the machine. Very simple to own and operate. Mine used the basic 3X3 trans, with turf tires, pretty much used on my 2 acres to mow the lawn, and for landscaping, and snow removal. Not aware of any issues, I had none with mine. It was a very reliable machine and wouldn't hesitate recommending this line of CUTs to anyone. These were made in Japan by Shibura, but Ford was taken over and is now Case-New Holland. Check with your local dealers whether they can service it and get parts. Just be sure the machine is big enough for what you want to do with it and enjoy. Oh, and Semper Fi! to you.

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    Default Re: Opinions Please! RE: Ford 1620

    I have a 1979 Ford 1700 MFWD with 1250 hours and have owned it for 13 years and 350 hours. Apart from the front drive axle have had very minimum problems with it. Because of the age rubber boots, ignition switch and like items are being replaced. Engine leaks enough enough oil that you can see it leaks but still only uses 1 qt 5-7 hours. Have not seen any threads where someone was real unhappy with this series tractor(s).

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    Default Re: Opinions Please! RE: Ford 1620

    Hi Tom,

    I have a 1995 Ford 1620 w/HST. It is a low-hour machine (350 hours) as I had it stored for a few years. I have been very happy with the tractor. I recently acquired some land so I have been using it quite a bit since last spring. Starts every time and works very hard. I have a backhoe and have dug up a lot of stumps which can be pretty punishing, but never had a problem. Hope this helps. If you have any particular questions about the model, let me know.

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