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    Default Re: Should I title my new tractor?

    That's under 4000 pounds gross, over that and you're supposed to title it. When I bought my 16' lowboy it came with three or four sets of documents, none of which had been done correctly. They don't give you a place to sign off on the receipt. I knew the trailer hadn't been stolen, at least in three or four years or three or four owners so I chunked the whole mess in the trash and registered it as a homebuilt. It's got two 3500# axles under it, lessee, 3500+ 3500= 3900, don't it?

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    Default Re: Should I title my new tractor?


    "lessee, 3500+ 3500= 3900, don't it? "

    I think that it is more like 3999 with allowance for the wear the trailer has had.


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    Default Re: Should I title my new tractor?

    macher, here in Mass. if you title it you have to pay the 5% sales tax. This is enough to keep most people from titling used tractors.

    Bill C

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    Boy am I glad I asked this question.

    I might have just titled the thing otherwise.

    So many reasons NOT to title...and basically no reason to do it.

    My mind is made up...NO TITLE for my new baby!

    Saw it going together at the dealers yesterday. Wa nearby with the wife and stopped to see if it was in yet.

    Talk about women's interest in tractors! She noticed it was orange while we were there...

    "Oh, do you get that too?" she says...looking at the backhoe...

    I think I will give her a test this morning and see if she remembers what color the tire were...!

    Thanks for the advice, guys!

    Bill in Pgh, PA...but not in the city...

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