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    Default Quick Folding ROPS?

    I have a dumb question about Folding ROPS. I am assuming that folding ROPS fold so that you can shorten the tractor height for perhaps storage or getting through short places. Are most designed to fold quickly using perhaps some sort of pin assembly? I thought that I noticed on a tractor at the dealer (B2710) that there was a requirement to loosen two bolds to actually get the ROPS to fold. I haven't received my 2910 yet but if this is the case, is it possible to SAFELY modify this mechanism to fold quickly?

    Anxiously waiting for delivery -


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    Default Re: Quick Folding ROPS?

    Paul -- There has been some debate about the safety of modifying the ROPS hinge. I did it to my L3010 because it was simply too time consuming to raise and lower it passing thru the garage door or under the breezeway. My feeling is that the safest ROPS is the one that gets used. Besides, the hitch pin that replaced the bolt is pretty rugged; can't imagine it being broken. There was a bit of rattling, but a flat rubber washer coupled with a spring to take up the slack solved that for me.


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    Default Re: Quick Folding ROPS?


    I don't have the foldable, but my manual has pictures of the one available for the L3010, L3410, L3710, L4310 and L4610 as having a bolt that is secured by a "hair pin". Looks like you were ahead of the curve on that modification.

    They also show that the main bolt has a castle type nut and cotter pin so that you can adjust the tension on the arms for lowering more slowly. I think that would also help in keeping down some of the rattling.

    Just my opinion and feedback.


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