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    Default Getting the pinch put on

    Hi all,

    Ok, I'm a little steamed right now, so this is my vent.

    We don't usually get a lot of snow in Southern Maryland. As you know we've been slammed. It's a really heavy snow, and my little tractor would have taken forever to move it. So we really appreciated it when our neighboor (Mr X) came though with his big 640 John Deere and a hydraulic 8 ft blade and cleared Doe Lane for us. Gee that's swell. In the past I've usually slipped him a $20 for diesel money, and in talking to the other 4 neighbors found that they did not. Hummmm.

    So it was great having him come up yesterday and clear our lane. And this morning he was back. I was already on my kubota when he came through. Wow that sure save's me a lot of time.

    So he drives up to my place, hops out and says, "So you're taking up the collection for me?" I said, "Well, we were just going to get a card for you." (I had already talked to one of the neighbors about getting him a card and taking up a voluntary collection) and he comes back, "$50 a person, or I can always put the snow back. This is a $60K piece of equipment here and I need to pay for it, and people are calling me to clear their drive ways for $75, so I'm only charging you all $50."

    So I went in, got his $50 and talked it over with my wife. He's a neighbor and good friend, but really, to render the service and then ask for payment, and to ask me to collect it I think is a little much.

    So I gave him his payment and then said, "Here you go, but I'm going to tell you, I don't like collecting from the other neighbors for you. I'll do it, but next year, you don't come back here until you get a call from us." And he said OK and then left.

    What would you do?
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    Default Re: Getting the pinch put on

    "and he comes back, "$50 a person, or I can always put the snow back."..hostage??

    I think that was little over bearing from Mr.X.

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    Default Re: Getting the pinch put on

    I would have given him $200.00 and said thanks you did a great job, I'll call you when I need some more help.


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    Default Re: Getting the pinch put on

    I guess it is different out there, around here people including me don't charge for helping neighbors out whether it is pushing snow or clearing storm damage.

    I could understand it if he came and told what he was going to charge and asked you if you wanted him to do it. I don't have any problem with someone being in business, but this is simply not right.

    I would have told him to collect his own money and not to come back. You describe him as a "friend", but I sure wouldn't have a friend like that; acquaintance maybe. If he truly is a friend, maybe you should be talking to him with your concerns as this is clearly going to affect your relationship.
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    Default Re: Getting the pinch put on

    The guy wants you to face all the neighbors and take the heat--what an A-
    Hole. I'd tell him since he's extorting everyone, to collect it himself!
    Last Spring I cleared the road of a fallen tree (big wind storm in Mo) so all the people on my road could get out. I wouldn't have even considered covering my tractor payment for what I did for all those folks. It was just the right thing to do, period. Mike.

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    Default Re: Getting the pinch put on

    He was wrong, very wrong. On the other hand, it has probably bothered him that you were the only one who ever gave him anything.

    He probably saw dollar signs when he saw all the snow and his only chance to get paid real money. But he got carried away and did it all wrong. He should have either did it for gratis or whatever folks wanted to pay him or called ahead of time and negotiated a fair price.

    What you said and did was fine. He had already step over the line.

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    Default Re: Getting the pinch put on

    I'd even consider hiring someone else to plow & wave to him on the way by! After all, you don't him to wear out his $60K machine. On the other hand maybe it was his (tasteless) way of soliciting a contract for future work. Keeping that $60k toy may be a little hard on his wallet in these economic times. Either way he'd be collecting from the others himself. MikeD74T

    When this post maxes out send him a copy. Might change his attitude.

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    Default Re: Getting the pinch put on

    IMO, what he did is unethical and mean spirited.

    In many northern cities the alleyways are not plowed by the city, that job is left to the community to manage. You have to take up collections from all the neighbors on the block and pay the person plowing the alley. Generally this is a flat annual fee ranging from $50-$200 per household. When you are talking about 100 houses on 12 streets, that's a LOT of money! All of these arrangements are made BEFORE services are rendered.

    I have plowed, blown snow and shoveled to HELP others, even cut grass and pulled people from a ditch and never ASKED for payment especially from a neighbor.

    What he did was wrong, just wrong.
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    Default Re: Getting the pinch put on

    You handled very it well. Your neighbors did not. In the spring or when things cool off, go talk to him, donut/coffee or beer in hand. With as much bad weather you guys are having, everyones a little touchy. He was kind of a azz to you, but he's gettin' tired of your neighbors. And gettin' tired of the ignorant amount of snow you're getting. A long stretch of bad weather is brings out the edginess in everyone. Good Luck, if you want to get away from the snow, come up on this end of New England, was sunny yesterday.
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    Default Re: Getting the pinch put on

    What he did was pretty cheesy. But it's a sign of the times. Two parties were at fault here. The guy doing the plowing and your neighbors. Good neighbors would have always paid for having their drive cleared or at least offered. You shouldn't have to wait for someone to ask for payment, but show appreciation along the way. I can remember my father giving $10 back in the 70's and all the guy wanted was something to warm him up. Usually a shot and a beer. We also sent a thank you card in the spring. Not sure if money was in there or not. I can remember my dad and the neighbor arguing over the payment. The neighbor didn't want to take anything for being neighborly. Hence the thank-you card in the spring I think. But then again we had real neighbors where I grew up. I'm not saying it doesn't exist today, but it sure seems to be far and few between.

    If it were me I'd have the guy on my Christmas card list with a gift certificate each year. Addressed to the driveway man or something smart like that.

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