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    I currently own a B2410 FEL and 5"Boxblade. I want to know if anyone has recently used their BX22 Backhoe to dig in very hard dirt. I would like to trade mine for a BX22. I could buy a backhoe for mine, but I think trading would come out cheaper. I could also get a 60"MMM and this would add to the capabilities of my tractor. I wonder could the backhoe dig in this SouthCarolina hard clay, especially since we are in drought conditions, and the clay is like concrete. Anyone have any experiences?

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    Just bought a BX22 two weeks ago and have been "testing" it in my front yard to dig out rocks left by a DOT project a few years back. I live in New Jersey (drought central these days) and the ground is VERY hard. You can't even push a shovel through this stuff. The tractor has no problems at all cutting through the ground with the BH. I also bought the 60" MMM. What a great package!

    You gotta love power tools...

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    Just my view, but I think you might want to focus on what is "better"" rather than "cheaper." And I bet you are already doing this too.

    I just went through the process of picking a new tractor, and after starting with the BX22 idea, I ended up buying a 2910. The reason being that I was afraid the BX22 would turn out leaving me wanting for more...for example the 12 inch bucket on the backhoe is max size. If you bought a hoe for your 2410 you could go as large as 24 inch if you wanted.

    The 2410 seems so much more tractor than the bx22. Both are great for what they are, and all that. Not taking anything away from the bx22. Don't mean to do that. Everything is relative.

    But since you already HAVE a 2410...I wonder if you could really be satisfied with the step down to the smaller machine. Only you can decide that...good luck in your decision!

    I think what I am trying to say is that all around the bx22 has less capacity. Less loader lift, less backhoe, less ground clearance...some say a better MMM setup...Great package for those whose needs match its capabilities, but...


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    Buy what you can afford, all this talk about the limitations of a small machine assume that you can buy anything. If that is the case I recommend that you as many single purpose machines and attachments/implements as possible. They will perform best in their individual tasks.


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