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    Default front or rear mount snowbower

    and is manual rotation okay? It seems like the fronts run about 1000 more. I have run the search and I am looking for more info as it applies to a new B series
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    Default Re: front or rear mount snowbower

    Rear mount is a whole lot less expensive, plus I'd want my FEL available for areas where I can't find a good discharge point.

    Don't know what you mean by manual rotation.

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    Default Re: front or rear mount snowbower

    chute rotation maybe?

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    Default Re: front or rear mount snowbower

    Quote Originally Posted by donn12 View Post
    and is manual rotation okay? It seems like the fronts run about 1000 more. I have run the search and I am looking for more info as it applies to a new B series
    When I bought our snowblower I went through the same deal looking around and finally decided to buy a 3 pt hitch blower so I can have the FEL to use. For me it was the right thing to do as I have other task in the wintertime and use the bucket allot. Mainly for moving logs and cutting up fire wood.

    With that said depending upon what you use the tractor for, the front mounted blowers are faster, easier on the body and if all you are doing is moving snow it will be best for you. You will still have snow banks, but they will be twenty or thirty feet away.

    As for the rotation I added my own rotator to the chute and also have a linear actuator for controlling the tilt of the chute deflector. Manual controls work, but with the 3pt hitch blower it was a pain to reach back and turn the chute and to adjust the tilt I had to get off from the tractor.

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    Default Re: front or rear mount snowbower

    I have a rear blower, and like having the FEL and blower mounted at the same time. The FEL is much more effective on the plow-packed snow/ice mess at the end of the driveway. Another thing to consider, is that rear-mounts are pretty universal, which means if you get a different tractor, your rear mount will work on that tractor, but the front-mount probably won't.

    And, then there is the cost factor already mentioned. This cost factor is magnified by the fact that you are more likely to find a decent used rear blower if so inclined. I bought a 60" Woods SB60 for $800 used. I see used 50-60" rear blowers in the $700-$1200 price range quite frequently. I have yet to see a front-mount blower available for purchased used for my particular tractor (kubota B7610, which uses the same front blower as a B7510 or B2410).
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    Default Re: front or rear mount snowbower

    I have a B3030 Cab with a rear mount blower and the bucket in front. It works great for me, I do have a problem, the rear PTO only turns 540 RPM's. My old kubota had a lever to switch the rear to 1100 RPM, the old girl worked a lot better. Does anyone know how to change the RPM on the rear PTO?
    Thanks alot guys

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    Default Re: front or rear mount snowbower

    Rear blower is less expensive but less convenient as you have to turn backwards to use it. Front is more convenient, but about double the price. There have also been supply issues recently with front mounted units. If you ordered now you may get it in August
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    Default Re: front or rear mount snowbower

    You could always buy a Power Trac where all attachments are on the front and can be changed in 15 seconds without leaving the operator's seat (powered implements like a snow blower take 30 seconds longer because you have to get off and connect/disconnect some hoses).

    Seriously, though, short of buying a new tractor, I think a blower on the front and a blade on the back would be a good setup for a "traditional" tractor. I just don't like turning around all the time to see what I'm doing.

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    Default Re: front or rear mount snowbower

    Yep, I was going thru the same dilema earlier in the season. Those front mounted blowers are a crapload of money, but having the blower right there in front of you I think is the way to go. I didn't spend the money this year as I just bought a new tractor, MMM, tiller, grass catcher, back blade, and spent a ton. So next season I'll get the front blower. Since I bought the back blade at Christmas, I've spent some time learning how to use it in tandem with the FEL, and I've actually gotten to the point where I am wondering IF I should buy the snow blower......
    It certainly could use a hydraulic toplink, and hydraulic 3 point adjustment though! Cause you're on and off making adjustments.
    Good luck.


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    Default Re: front or rear mount snowbower

    WayneB had it right, if you just snowblow in the winter, then you will want a front blower. I have no need for a FEL in the winter, anyway not enough to suffer the pain associated with a rear blower. We get 15 to 30 feet of snow a winter which means 20 to 40 snowblowing episodes a year for me.

    If you buy a tractor with a cab, you will definitely want a hydraulic chute rotator. I live in the boonies with a 13 acre parcel so I don't need to worry about blowing snow into my neighbors yard, but I would still find a hydraulic chute deflector angle adjustment useful and will install one this summer.

    The additional cost for a front blower on a B series (kubota) tractor is about 27% for a total cost of about $6,100 (list) with all of the bells and whistles:

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