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    Default BX, Seek and Ye may find...

    Ye may find that the hose that attaches to the bottom of your BX's air filter (leading back to the air intake at the drivers feet) has come off the air filter. This results is air being directly sucked in to the air filter without the benifit of the grill filtering grass etc. There is a hose clamp device which grips these pieces together, but mine came off.
    Since my BX2200 is just like your BX2200, I thought I'd put a post up and let y'all check it out for yourselves.
    I think mine fell off from boredom because my grass hasn't grown in 2 months (noooo rain).
    The only thing better than getting done with mowing in 1 hour because you have a big 60" mowing deck, is not having to mow at all.

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    Default Re: BX, Seek and Ye may find...

    No rain down here in Maryland either. I've already took off my mower deck when I had less than five hours on the tractor. Now I'm just kicking up some dust playing with the FEL.

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