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    Default Re: Cleaning mower deck

    Quote Originally Posted by dboacres View Post
    I find that using it to grind up 1 inch and smaller branches works pretty good at taking out the old grass. Branches need to be very dry. It doesn't seen to hurt the blade. 6 foot mower, 38 horse tractor. Just make sure no one or the dog is near by.
    I have access to piles of wood chips from a local tree service. Ditto. Works awesome! Small bushes and raspberry plants, or fields of goldenrod in late fall also do a fine job..... And keeping me from breathing for a week.
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    Default Re: Cleaning mower deck

    I had the same problem with my older Craftsman mower. About 5 years ago, I cleaned & scraped the deck thouroughly then painted it with POR-15. It's been there ever since and I only have to do a quick rinse after doing the lawn. Also, the rocks & debris haven't even taken a chip out of the paint. POR-15 also stops it from rusting (No, I do not work for the POR-15 company). Took the deck off this past winter and it was clean & solid still. This tractor was bought in 1997 and still has the original deck on it. The little bit of rust that had started has not progressed at all since the application of the POR-15. Did my snow blower also. the snow doesn't stick hardly at all and it cleans off really easy.
    Because this stuff comes in different colors, you can get close to matching what your machine's color is.
    Hope this helps. Pete
    Pete B.

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