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    Default Re: looking for other broken tc30's

    Quote Originally Posted by rickbat View Post
    I used my neighbors TC35 a few times with the same backhoe and there is a sub-frame on that machine to keep the stress off the block and bell housing...
    where you using a backhoe without a subframe?

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    Default Re: looking for other broken tc30's

    The Backhoe is a New Holland 758c with a subframe. The problem that I see with the TC30 design and a few other New Holland machines is as follows.

    1. The tractor has no subframe tying the back end to the front.
    2. Very thin casting on the bell housing where 80% of the stress is placed when using the front end loader or the backhoe.
    3. The motor and bell housing do not mount up flush with a complete circle. Instead the motor has two small ears with two bolts per side. The rest of the circles mounting surface is thin gage metal.

    I walked through my local kubota dealership and saw just the opposite on every Kubota tractor. I saw full cast to cast mounting surface where the motor and bell housing meet. I also saw full steel frames tying the complete machine front to rear. Hate to bash New Holland but after seeing that my next machine will be orange

    Oh and don稚 think this issue is limited to only the TC30. I saw quite a few other models with almost the same design. The new Boomers seemed to have a bit more frame so maybe New Holland is figuring that the design is bad.

    As far as the comments go about not using your tractor to dig with a backhoe attachment. To me that like buying a new truck with a factor towing package and the dealer telling me after the hitch breaks in two pieces the truck wasn稚 really made to tow. You should have bought a Semi if you wanted to tow something

    A friend of mine owns a body shop and does a lot of frame work. He is going to build me a subframe. He said he may be able to build a few if there if there is some interest. If you are interested PM ASAP so I can tell him there is interest in building a few of these.
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    Default Re: looking for other broken tc30's

    Quote Originally Posted by rickbat View Post
    I guess I can now join the TC30 club as well. My TC30 block cracked on 6/10/2011 after spending $5.5K to replace the block and two days worth of work. The bell housing cracked this weekend 6/25/2011 while digging with the backhoe a hole to set a 4x4 post. Im expecting another $1.5k and two days tearing apart the machine. 580hrs this should not be happening. I used my neighbors TC35 a few times with the same backhoe and there is a sub-frame on that machine to keep the stress off the block and bell housing... Bad design in my opinion or NH should not sell a backhoe attachment for this machine...
    The issue sounds like the lack of a GOOD quality sub-frame that accepts the full stress from the hoe. Even then, it will still eventually crack something. Hoe's always crack something eventually.

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    Default Re: looking for other broken tc30's

    Mine broke but I fixed er good

    Where the loader arms attach to the transfer case/ bell housing, there were 1/2" thick spacer plates between the quick detach arms and the casting, the assembly was additionally stressed by poorly designed backhoe support brackets. After I welded the bell housing casting cracks with stainless rod, I manufactured a pair of 1/2" thick steel plates to replace the spaces and bolted them to one another with 3 - 18" long 3/4" threaded rods. This literally clamped my repair together and strengthens the right loader arm to the left one

    This is a highly recommended modification if anybody has a little backhoe tractor
    ...& obviously even better if you install them 'before' you bust yours like I did mine

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