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    want a tw30 2wd , nh-8870 2wd or puma 195 2wd

    Default sickle mower/disc mower conditioner

    can a sickle mower run at 1000 rpm pto?.I mean all it is reall is the belt drive right ?.Is a disc mower that much better if both are 3 point types?

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    Default Re: sickle mower/disc mower conditioner

    Not sure the genesis of your question.....?

    A disc mower will be more robust and cut faster than any sickle-bar mower. Simply by inherent design. More old sickle mowers around as they've been around in mass production for, oh, the last 100 years or so.

    Equal money, disc mower w/o question. Running on a budget and need something that can cut.........sickle mowers are cheaper and perfectly acceptable assuming you understand them and what they can do.

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    Default Re: sickle mower/disc mower conditioner

    Cannot say I have ever seen a sickle bar set up to run on 1000 rpm pto. If you take one for 540 and run it at 1000 you will simply shake it to death and break something.

    What are you really trying to cut? If you are looking to cut hay, then there is not comparison. A disc cutter or discbine is by far the superior cutting equipment. Each has it's little querks to learn. Sickles take lots less power, generally cost less, but run much slower. Discbines with either rollers or flails take lots of power. 100 horse or better is best, but some machines will run well with as little as 75-80 depending on terrain. The only limitations to how fast a discbine can cut are the guts of the operator and the smoothness of the field. I have cut hay with my discbine at 10 mph just to see if it would work, and boy did it ever do the job. Field was too rough to do for long though, normal cutting speed is 6-7 mph.

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