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    I have had my new tractor (B2910) now for about 3 weeks and have not used it nearly enough. Work seems to be getting in the way (sometimes I think that I should rethink my priorities). Anyway I should be using it alot more in the coming weeks. I have been using my FEL for things like pushing a pile of trees and limbs and stuff further into the treeline. It amazes me (this is my first tractor) how effortless it is. I'm finding though that some of the tree limbs find their way back behind the bucket and manage to touch the hydraulic hoses - I'm thinkin thats bad! After noticing this, I start wondering if what I was doing was safe. What happens when these hoses break? Is this an acceptable task for the FEL? What shouldn't I use the FEL for? It was probably actually designed to just scoop dirt. I'm sure people use it for all sorts of things.

    I guess having 2 young children around has really heightened my sense of safety - for them and me!


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    When the hoses break, fluid comes out; usually in a pretty (sarcasm) little fountain. As long as no one is standing really close, (24" or so) they'd just get oil, probably hot oil on them. There is the possiblity of hydraulic injection (oil entering the body) if body parts are close to the hoses but out on the bucket, I wouldn't worry much. I've pushed limbs for years, and replaced several hoses. I see no ill effects other than that. JD offers a shielding package for things like this, I wonder if kubota does too? I'd love to have it on my 1050.

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