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    I claim that my latest incident is due to sleep deprevation. When our twins were a couple of weeks old, I went out to run a few errands. I noticed that my wife's car was parked right behind my truck and a friends car was behind hers so I would have to pull forward and turn around. Then I was distracted by the postman, proceeded to put my truck in reverse and backed right into her car. It is amazing what a trailer hitch pushed by a V-8 Ford will do to a car hood.


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    My wifes new Suburban was parked on Main St. while she
    was shopping and she overheard people talking about
    someone's black car got hit.
    Putting 2 & 2 together she went out to the crowd on sidewalk.
    A concrete truckdriver was to LAZY to lock or clean rear chute.
    It was hanging out side of truck and hit rear of her car.
    Damaged back glass, corner of body, scraped door, and
    CONCRETE all over side and roof.
    The police chased the truck down and driver said basicly all 10
    witneeses sp? were WRONG.
    He gets to go to court now because of other tickets he already has plus
    this one.

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    See next post, this one is a duplicate (I hit the wrong 'continue' button, then backspaced.....)

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    Last weekend a neighbor returned the DR mower in her pick up, minus the rear window. Seems she thought it would be easier to load/unload with the handles toward the front, so she put it in, and then went in the house. Hubby came home and said "dear I'm going to move the pickup!", she yelled "Make sure the DR is strapped down!", classic miscommunication, followed by shattered rear window.

    Well, I don't think I'll loan them the kubota anytime soon..... but I do have to hand it to them, they appear to have taken it with a smile and great attitude!

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    Similar story, at a traffic light I'm behind a PU with a shell on the bed and the windowed gate closed. The light turns green and this guy hits the gas. The lawnmower inside rolls back and the handle comes right through the glass!

    The guy didn't even slow down. He probably didn't know what he had done 'til he got to his destination.

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