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    Default Re: Combine world record

    Thanks for the post Graham. BTW, did you plant any corn this summer?

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    Default Re: Combine world record

    Some more info for you. Swathers used to be 20 feet wide with hole in the middle and a moving belt on each side so you would cut 20 feet of crop at a time and lay it down in a swath (windrow). Now if you think about that for a second, you can see where all the grain heads would be at the top of the swath and therefore dry faster in the sun and wind. As a matter of fact, if you looked at a swath from the top, all you see is grain heads--the straw portion is buried underneath. I said "used to be" because of course, things appear to be getting much bigger. Now I believe they have 40 foot swathers and instead of the hole being in the middle, all 40 feet of grain is layed down out the end of the swather. The next time the farmer goes around the field, the belts that move the grain go in the opposite direction and instead of one swath, they make two side by side. Let me tell you, when the crop is good and that combine is trying to process 80 feet of grain at one time, the smoke starts to belch and the speed of travel goes to a crawl. And that "little" pickup is just working fine, thank you.
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    Default Re: Combine world record

    all 40 feet of grain is layed down out the end of the swather.
    Does that mean the swathers no longer use a Wisconsin engine, belt drive and steer with two levers?
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    Default Re: Combine world record

    Quote Originally Posted by Egon View Post
    Does that mean the swathers no longer use a Wisconsin engine, belt drive and steer with two levers?
    There are still a few of them kicking around.
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    Default Re: Combine world record

    I am always amazed at the kindness and ideas that so many put togather to help others.

    In a time such as these, extreme measures to help another should always be revered and respected.

    Take a look at the efforts we as a group did with the TBN jacket!

    thanks for sharing it!

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    Default Re: Combine world record

    This is very cool, and thanks for explaining the technique used. Chock one up for gool old Winkler Manitoba!!
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    Default Re: Combine world record

    25-30ft is normal for a swather here on heavier land , Any more than that is just too much of a pile and will not dry as well if it gets wet.

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