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    Default Re: 1710 running hot

    10-4, we have not done that... I will do that this afternoon! any little bit helps!


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    Default Re: 1710 running hot

    If your engine temp is maxing out at 200 under load, I don't think you have a problem. You should, as a matter of routine, keep the radiator fins clean. Spraying a little detergent on the fins after wetting them seems to loosen the dirt better than water alone. Also, as a matter of course for PM, it wouldn't hurt to flush your radiator with one of a number of commercially available agents. If you indeed have a problem, I wouldn't expect that it's a very serious one.


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    I also have a 1710 ford that gets hot,ive changed waterpump,thermostat 180 checked radiator its not stopped up and i can see through it,changed cap to a 13 pound. i start it up runs fine temp normal but seems its always loosing antifreeze from over flow tube,just enough pressure for the antifreeze to run out.ive let it run with cap off circulates good,I figure its getting hot from the loss of coolant but really dont understand why it keeps loosing? cracked head?headgasket?no moisture on oil cap,no smoke,no miss?no fluid in crank case? had a 9 pound cap before i changed it

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