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    Default Re: Clutch Smoking

    I can see where you can warp brake rotors doing the hot laps on the track trick, but don't see that as the same as a clutch plate situation. Just seems to be different (to me). Rotors will warp when the hot pads rest on one area. Allowing the rotor to continue moving will disipate that heat more evenly around the rotor and minimize warping. After a hard brake stop in a car, letting the car roll slowly keeps the rotors from warping (i.e. don't stay on the brake or set the parking brake )

    The smoke may just have been some oil on the clutch facing that heated and burned off.

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    Default Re: Clutch Smoking

    Quote Originally Posted by Gordon Gould View Post
    I'm no expert mechanic but I would say what is done is done, just hope for the best. Check your free clutch travel and adjustment as necessary.
    You will probably get better advise from someone more knowledgeable.

    You are lucky that is all that happened. Putting pressure on a tree while you are cutting it is extremely dangerous unless you really know what you are doing. And if it is rotted things are totally unpredictable as you found out.
    I am glad no one was hurt.

    OK, I need some help figuring out how to do a clutch adjustment. Any input will be helpful. Not exactly a mechanic, but I think I can get this done with some help from you guys. Anyone have the tech book for 98 JD 1070, they would like to share the clutch section?
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    Default Re: Clutch Smoking

    I've replaced a lot of warped flywheels, and pressure plates on tractor-trailers, and straight trucks.

    Slipping the clutch til the smoke rolls does a number on them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ford tractor
    Anytime you heat up an organic to metal interface so hot the organic smokes (clutch or brake) and you let it stay in contact with metal, the metal can warp.

    Run some hot laps on a track with a lot of turns and then set the parking brake. You will warp the snot out of them so fast it will make your wallet barf (literally).
    What usually happens when somebody does that is that the binding material in the pads melts and leaves deposits on the surface of the rotors. This condition results in braking behavior that most people call warped rotors, but is not actually warped rotors at all.


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