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    Default Hand Tool Storage opinions

    Greetings all,

    Just getting started doing the "farming" thing & I'm quickly seeing a need to expand my hand tool inventory for basic maintenance of a new Kioti DK55C I recently purchased. (loving the kioti by the way) I have begun buying more tools, I realized I'm quickly running out of room in the old coolers I was using as a tool box previously.

    I'm thinking a nice roll-around with large casters, heavy duty, 10-15 drawers, like something you'd see rolling off a Mac tool truck, but without the $4K price.

    Any experience or reccomendations with other (less costly) brands would be a great help.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Default Re: Hand Tool Storage opinions

    Watch Craigslist for good deals on tool cabinets. And estate sales are good places to find them too. Sometimes filled with tools. There are great deals and just good deals out there.

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    Default Re: Hand Tool Storage opinions

    Have you checked Sears? My brother was an auto mechanic and now does industrial stuff as does my nephew and he has Snap On and some others in addition to an old one from Sears that has held up fairly well.

    I am getting by with an old no name brand my father in law got me years ago.
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    Default Re: Hand Tool Storage opinions

    I have had a Craftsman brand for at least 10 years and it has held up good for me. Of course, I am just a DIY homeowner. I bought the bottom/top section and an extra three drawer section was thrown in. Cost a couple hundred if I remember correctly.

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    Default Re: Hand Tool Storage opinions

    If you watch the sears catalog they ocassionally have good deals on ball bearing tool boxes.

    But the best setup I have seen for a farming outfit with a large enough shop is the 1000 acre farmer down the road. He has a custom cart.

    It is more like a workbench that is about 8' long and has about a 3' deep heavy work surface. Mounted on heavy steel casters and it has a backboard that is a heavy pegboard type. He uses that to hang wrenches/screwdrivers/pliers, etc. Heavy vise on one end and a shelf under for other items. Very nice setup.

    Me however, I dont have a lot of floorspace in my shop of 30x30 so I tend to hang as much up as I can and avoid the toolboxes alltogether. A row of nails for the wrenches keeping them in order, plywood with a series of holes for screwdrivers, etc.

    But whatever you do, avoid the el-cheapo harbor freight tool boxes. They are junk. You dont have to spend 4k unless you have money to burn. There are pleanty of good ball bearing boxes well under 800. The lowes kobalts, menards or TSC (which ever carries masterhand??), craftsman, etc. Craigslist is also a good source as already mentioned.
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    Default Re: Hand Tool Storage opinions

    Quote Originally Posted by Nissan197 View Post
    I have had a Craftsman brand for at least 10 years and it has held up good for me. Of course, I am just a DIY homeowner. I bought the bottom/top section and an extra three drawer section was thrown in. Cost a couple hundred if I remember correctly.
    I did the same thing about 20 yrs or so ago..and it has held up just fine I have the top and bottom with the extra drawers...Hard to beat the deal and it was just a couple of hundred as I recall..but even at the time it beat snap on or any of the others.

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    Default Re: Hand Tool Storage opinions

    If you watch Ebay and Craigslist, you'll find the big Mac and Snap On boxes usually sell for 50% of new cost. That said, I wouldn't spend that kind of money again.

    I'm a mechanic, and have had several toolboxes, including Cornwell, Snap On, and Craftsman. If I had it to do over again, I'd go with Craftsman. I spent a lot of money on a nice Snap On box, and it doesn't do anything better or more efficiently than the Craftsman box I have sitting a few feet away.

    Now, they're both sitting in my shop at the house. I work out of a service truck, and have a Craftsman top box serving as my truck toolbox.

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    Default Re: Hand Tool Storage opinions

    assuming it's the same one, this spring i bought a used mac rolling chest for $800 on craigslist. it's a few year old version of the tech series/tech 1000 that retails for a little over $4000. it has some scratches, but it works fine. also, i know i'll scratch it, and i feel a lot better about scratching an $800 box than i do about scratching a $4000 one.

    i previously had an upright craftsman with the bottom, middle, and top that i used for many years. my biggest complaint was that the drawers are too shallow and not deep enough to fit a lot of larger wrenches or tools in cases. also, when heavily loaded, the slides are not up to the task. don't get me wrong - it was a great box for 15+ years, but i just outgrew it. i know that they have ball bearing slides now, but to get ball bearing slides and the 24" depth (not height) you bump up to the craftsman professional line which is as expensive than the tool truck stuff. also, all the craftsman and other store brand tool boxes have drawers that aren't as rigid as the mac i have - they flex pretty heavily in comparison.

    i can't justify new prices from a tool truck - heck, you can spend $25,000 on a box now, but if you can wait for a deal on a used one i think they are worth it.

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    Default Re: Hand Tool Storage opinions

    I bought one of the SS rollaways from Costco a few years ago, and it has held up very well. About $650 at the time.
    Or there are these Knaack boxes we have at work, they hold a lot of different size tools, and unless someone torches it open, pretty theft proof.
    Only downside is that they are in the $1500-2500 range.


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    Default Re: Hand Tool Storage opinions

    Kobalt has some great chests and make sure you get one with roller bearings on the drawers. The drawers fill up pretty fast and get heavy also. The slider type gets a little tough to pull out when full and heavy.

    You pay a little more for roller bearings on the slides but worth in in the long run.

    With Kobalt you get the quality without paying for the brand name.

    Also as mentioned there are a lot of Mechanics out of work so I have seen chests loaded with tools also at give away prices on Craigs list.

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