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    I have been pricing several tractors. I really want a kubota L48 TLB. Because of costs of the L48, I found a Mahindra dealer that is willing to put on a 72 " FEL and a Bradco 611 backhoe. Isn't the Mahindra model 4110 a little to small for a 611 hoe? Any suggestions?

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    The 4110 is availible with the 511 Mahindra backhoe, subframe mount, which is a (bradco 511) not a 611, it will handle it just fine, it is a good size and heavy tractor. The factory (Mahindra) feels its ok i don;t think they would have a factory mounted 511 if they thought it was too big for the machine. I think you will be happy with it, and for a lot less than the kubota.

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    I finally went and did it. Just ordered a Mahindra 4110, FEL and 511 backhoe from Johnson Automotive. Tractor is already there, maybe two weeks before delivery, waiting for the 511 hoe. Very, very nice people to deal with near New Haven CT..

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    I really like my 4110, make sure you keep us posted on the 511 backhoe. If you don't mind telling, How much extra was the hoe?

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    I don't have the paper in front of me, but, it seems like 7636 or very near this a dollar one way or the other, with 24 inch hd bucket and subframe

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