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    Default Gas Cans & other Musings

    Hi guys, sorry I have not been around for a while, been very busy and miss my daily fix.... But on with the topic...

    Just wanted to let you all know about the on going debate about gas cans, it finally happened to me... I started to with the 5 gallon can and move to the big tank with pump... The truck was down a week or so and need fuel, so back to the 5 gallon can, and it happened..... I for the first time poured fuel into the tractor WITHOUT spilling any on the hood... Yes only 5 years and we get it right no drips no leaks.... Hope that does not stir up things too bad..

    Other: funny or stupid.... Last week I had a friends finishing mower on the tractor to finish the years lawn and took it back home after cleaning all the grass off and greasing the fittings. I got back home and it was getting dark, but had a little time and went to hook up the brushhog and get ready for another day.. About two days latter I head out to the field and start to mow and put in the PTO and nothing happens, NOTHING.. I go oh great the truck is down, dozer's broke, the battery in the van and the car just had to be replaced only one left my wife andI stranded. Both battery were only two years old, one only 10 days out of a free replacement.... and NOW THIS.... I look at the PTO shaft, the mower is up shaft is alined drop it in gear and nothing... great I head home and think about just going ahead and shooting myself and putting myself out of misery...
    Sitting there later that night and called my friend with the finishing mower, and bitching about how bad my life is going right at this moment and looking to haveing the tractor apart to fix the PTO, and realize that I never hooked up the PTO shaft. It had been dark and I said I'll hook it up later, and you know days passed... The shaft is hang on a old fan belt to hold it up from the floor or ground when the brushhog is off, and with the mower raised it was in line with the PTO drive shaft and was only about a inch from the end, so when I looked down from the seat you would never tell the difference... That is all carry on, and better days to all...

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    Default Re: Gas Cans & other Musings

    Jag, glad to hear those things happen to other folks as well. Welcome back [img]/w3tcompact/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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