I am wondering, why did kubota manufacture the L3450 tractor for marketing in the U.S. without a standard ASAE drawbar? Is it just my tractor, or was this model equipped this way as standard? I'm starting to get frustrated- trying to run drawbar towed implements needing PTO power, and only have 12 in. from end of stub shaft to center of hitch hole. (I've tried all the positions.) Looks like I might have to have our machinist buddy make me a little longer one with the hole in the correct spot... Did they do this to prevent inexperienced people pulling loads too heavy for the tractor's capacities? I think that the JD compacts had a ASAE drawbar, because I'm trying to set-up a JD 350 sickle mower, and it appears to need those extra two inches of drawbar (3pt mower, but lift mech. uses drawbar). Ahh!
Thanks for any input. Just wanted to ask here first before I question the dealer. Sorry to be so long winded.

Thanks, Kenneth