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    Why is it that the smaller backhoes like kubota's and so on don't have a latch to latch the boom? Doesn't get really annoying to constantly having to raise the boom back up? I was just curious, because every picture that I see of an L35 always shows the boom sagging down a little, I see a hole in the bottom of the boom were I'd think a pin could go for the latch to latch onto and lock the boom upright.


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    here is a pic. of an L35, it's not mine, got it off the net, it's for sale. But at the bottom of the hoe, above the shinny silver pin, is a hole that I don't know why is there but looks like it could be for a pin to latch onto.
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    The backhoe on my kubota b2910 has a boom latch and a swing latch...


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    My BX-22 has mechanical "latches" (pins) that are used to secure the boom for both rotaion and elevation. They are particularly important when transporting. They also recommend that the rotation pin be installed when installing or removing the hoe from the tractor.

    Perhaps the machines you happen to see just have owners/operators who don't bother to use the latching provisions that the manufacturer provides!

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