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    Default Re: Advantages/Disadvantages of Snow Plow/Blower/Scraper Blade

    I use multiple methods. I have a 6ft grader blade for the rear of my 855. I always pull it rather than pull. It works reasonably well though I really need chains as it causes me to slide more regularly than I like. I have my loader to push snow with (have made a pass pushing and then clean up with blade). This winter I've gone back to my old stand by, a plow mounted on a 4wd ATV (it's only 23 years old ) now that I've rigged an electric lift. That little machine has worked quite well so far this year and I'm veyr happy with it.

    I've though to find a front mounted blower since plowing does give limitations. I don't wnat to do all of my plowing in reverse so front mount is the only option. However doing so would mean the loss of my loader for however long I have the blower on. I use my loader over the entire winter so that's not really an option either.

    So for now, I do as I have been. Maybe this year if funds allow I"ll pick up UTV with a larger plow and retire the ATV.
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    Default Re: Advantages/Disadvantages of Snow Plow/Blower/Scraper Blade

    I get the feeling there are safety and a power required issues as well. Watching the videos, I hear the motors bog down when the ground speed or snow depth increases. There's a good one of a diesel train rig blowing high drifts off the tracks. Its painfully slow.

    As far as safety, the 'stuck up' blower problem would make it dangerous for the people in my outfit here in lower Michigan. I like my fingers just the way the are, not re-attached...
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    Default Re: Advantages/Disadvantages of Snow Plow/Blower/Scraper Blade

    I use 2 tractors on a drive about 3/4 mile long. rear blade, FEL or 6' plow on the 3710 and a pto blower, FEL and 8' power angle plow on the 100hp tractor.

    They each have their "best in class" applications, depending on the depth and type of snow and the conditions leading up to the curent task at hand.

    I will say this, the ONLY "implement" I will never do without again as regards snow removal, even if I have to start all over again with a single tractor and FEL and nothing else, is: CHAINS.

    With chains, and enough time, ANY amount of snow can be moved.
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    Default Re: Advantages/Disadvantages of Snow Plow/Blower/Scraper Blade

    I've used a hydraulic angling plow for 32 years and wouldn't consider anything else. It's fast, cheap, easy to remove and store, and has it multiple uses. I think the choice really depends on your property and how much snow you have to deal with and perhaps the element of time.
    This is the key,, Everyone's drive is different and every application is different.. I couldn't use a blower on my property but for other people it's the best for them.. I tried a power angle plow.. might have been OK but pushed the front around too much,, Someone with a bigger tractor it would be perfect for them.. Like K7LN said everyone's need are different..

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    Default Re: Advantages/Disadvantages of Snow Plow/Blower/Scraper Blade

    I see this thread is a year old, but since TBN decided to resurrect it, here's some pics from Feb 2011. I can make the lane drivable with two passes, up & back. When I get time I'll go out and push everything back if it's building up so I can still pull off the up & back thing in a pinch. The box blade was just left on out of laziness, but when I'm pushing stuff back it's kinda handy to push banks going either direction.

    Our lane is about 1/3 of a mile. For the amount of snow we get in SW Missouri and the long gravel drive, the front blade is a dream. The JD X748 is heavy enough & the 4WD works great. I've used a 2WD 455 with weights & chains that didn't eat up snow like this baby does!

    The tractor was momentarily stuck, but only because it sat for a while while decided to take a photo op.

    Advantages/Disadvantages of Snow Plow/Blower/Scraper Blade-dscn1401-jpgAdvantages/Disadvantages of Snow Plow/Blower/Scraper Blade-dscn1402-jpgAdvantages/Disadvantages of Snow Plow/Blower/Scraper Blade-dscn1403-jpgAdvantages/Disadvantages of Snow Plow/Blower/Scraper Blade-dscn1404-jpg

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    Default Re: Advantages/Disadvantages of Snow Plow/Blower/Scraper Blade

    I am also checking out this thread from the TBN news email. I have been getting really really interested in the pull behind snowblowers. It seems to me that it is the perfect compromise between all methods, aside from cost of course

    I know there are situations where it wouldn't be idea, but for most uses, it seems like a pull behind blower, and either bucket or blade on the FEL would be the perfect situation. Of course, if your tractor only has 10" of ground clearance then this could be a problem!

    It seems like the pull behind (or inverted as Pronovost calls them) snowblowers are starting to gain a lot of popularity. If I had a cab on my tractor, I'd already have one of these....maybe in the next couple years

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    Default Re: Advantages/Disadvantages of Snow Plow/Blower/Scraper Blade

    I have a pull behind blower on my old AC WD-45 tractor and liked it a lot. I'm not home lots and the wife was having a hard time starting it so we went and bought the 2520 with the front mount blower. More money than a 3 point push blower but our yard has lots of curves and trees so a blade is out of the question and I wasn't going to try to back up all the time for we have a large yard to clean out .
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    Default Re: Advantages/Disadvantages of Snow Plow/Blower/Scraper Blade

    Much like the other posters, I checked out this thread since TBN sent it in an email.
    Where we live - Farmer's is calling for a "traditional winter" and hopefully they are right this year. For now, my main focus is the driveway - so I went with the rear PTO mount snow blower. If we have a real winter - the blade works, but then you have to take it off to use your bucket to pile it higher on my tractor. In years where we get snow measured in feet, it't not too long until the benefits of the blower take over.
    Once I get the polebarn and driveway extension in - perhaps I'll go simply with a blade as well - use both.
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    Default Re: Advantages/Disadvantages of Snow Plow/Blower/Scraper Blade

    I just put one at each end
    ATV plow at rear and FEL at front, best of both worlds, just welded a little adapter at rear and use the weight box .......not for weight but just as the means to lift blade up an down by having a chain attached to where the ATv winch would normally attach.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Advantages/Disadvantages of Snow Plow/Blower/Scraper Blade-dscn1061-jpg   Advantages/Disadvantages of Snow Plow/Blower/Scraper Blade-dscn1064-jpg  
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    Default Re: Advantages/Disadvantages of Snow Plow/Blower/Scraper Blade

    Have blade on front, angle controlled by connecting bucket curl/dump lines. Since I don't have a quick-disconnect bucket, the blade attaches to the tractor frame with the blade slung under the bucket. The bucket stays on the tractor with a chain down to the blade for lift. Easy to swap the blade on and off. But, in regard to another remark, having the blade under the bucket and closer to the tractor minimizes the sideways push when plowing - the blade isn't way out front on the end of the arms. This has worked for years on our road, pushing lots of snow.

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