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    Default Black Smoke

    I am looking at a Ford 1210 with 950 hours. It gives off a little bit of black smoke when running (I am looking at it sat., current owner mentioned the smoke). He says it sits most of the time and hasn't been used very much. It hasn't been run enough to warm up much.

    So my questionis this something to be concerned with? What might it be an indication of? Also, what else should I be looking out for on this tractor?

    It's an 83 Ford 1210, 4x4, HST with 950 hours.


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    Default Re: Black Smoke

    I have a Ford 1210 of the same vintage. It smoked since the day I got it (bought used, forgot how many hours). It smoked more at higher RPM's. I posted a message "Tractor Quit Smoking" somewhere on the board. After sitting for the best part of a year, it smoked a lot. I added some diesel fuel treatment, and that greatly reduced the smoke (back to the normal amount, not very bad). I blamed it on old fuel....................chim

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    Default Re: Black Smoke

    I agree with Chim, you might also check the airfilter.

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    Default Re: Black Smoke

    Rdbrum is correct, check the air filter, black smoke is from the warm cylinders not completly burning all the fuel in the cylinder, possible if lack of air flow.

    White smoke is cold cylinders, or basically it is unburned fuel and mostly is a fact of cold-weather diesel operation.

    Grey smoke is worn rings/burning oil (i think)

    Also could be a timing issue with the injectors if they slipped.
    (highly doubt it)


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