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    Default International CUB Model ID

    Hi Everyone! I picked up an International Cub last summer and I'm gathering info on it for a restoration this year. I know the first Cubs were built in 1939 and I beleive the color switched from red to yellow/white around 1963? My issue is tracking down just what this tractor is. I do know it's a 1973, so is it reffered to as a Farmall Cub or an International Cub? ALso, I read that the C-60 engine was used in a Cub; does that mean that this one uses the C60? I guess the short question is "Are all parts for Farmall Cubs International Cubs interchangable? (except of course for the hood and front end sheet metal.) I beleive that mine is known as a 140, but I'n not sure.

    Thanks for your kindhess and help.


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    Default Re: International CUB Model ID

    If you have a model 140 it's somewhat larger and more powerful.
    It was the update of the Super A, not the Cub. It's a very nice

    Bill Hoffman
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    Default Re: International CUB Model ID

    Do you have a picture of the tractor?

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    Default Re: International CUB Model ID

    In this case, a picture would definitely be worth a thousand words!

    I'm by no means an authority on the older Cub stuff, newer stuff I know a little more. I think you're getting confused with the International Cub's that were introduced in 1961, the Lawn and Garden tractors which were yellow/white. This color made it up to some bigger machines, mostly the lo-boys.

    I grew up with a few farmall cubs, and a 140. As Bill stated, the 140 is a step up from the Cubs. All very capable fun machines.

    let's see a picture!

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    Default Re: International CUB Model ID

    Go to You'll find all the info you need. Great bunch of cub owners on that board.

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