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    Default 10ft rotary cutter on a 4x20?

    Is anyone out there using a pull behind 10-ft rotary cutter on one of the 4X20 series compacts? I know most of the 10-ft cutters require about 40-50hp at the pto as a minimum, and the 4520 and 4720 meet/exceed those requirements. Will this combination work as long as the terrain is not overly hilly and the grass is not too overgrown?

    Assuming a FEL is attached, do you think the 4x20 frame also has the weight to handle the pull behind 10ft cutter so that the "tail does not wag the dog"?

    I realize that a larger frame tractor would be best, but I would like to keep my current attachments, and I like the maneuverability of the 4x20 machines.

    Oh yeah, I currently own a open station 4320 and am considering upgrading to a 4720 cab. I maintain 75 acres that is a combination of open land and woods. I also work on the side when I can to help make my tractor payments.

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    Default Re: 10ft rotary cutter on a 4x20?

    a 45 to 50hp tractor will pull a 10ft shredder with ease.i would get a 10ft pull type.3pt lift is to much weight tobe lifting.

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    Default Re: 10ft rotary cutter on a 4x20?

    Some 10' cutters are heavier than others and will cut thicker stuff. The manual will tell the PTO power required.

    We pull a Woods DS1260 with a kubota M8540 in fairly steep hills which would present problems for a lighter tractor with less HP, but on flat land, you should be able to do this with a smaller tractor though for the DS1260 it is at the very bottom for PTO power. Woods and others make lighter duty 10' cutters with less HP requirements I am sure.

    We have a Woods 121 10' 3-point and the 1260 is pull type.
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    Default Re: 10ft rotary cutter on a 4x20?

    As mentioned, look for a light weight/light-duty model and it might work. For reference, we pull a 1008 JD bush hog (10' 8" cut, pull-type) with a 65 PTO hp JD 2550, which weighs about 10,000lbs fully ballasted. Turning across a steep hill it will slide the back of the tractor if you aren't careful. Power is plenty adequate, but I wouldn't want any less in really tough going. Bottom line, a 10' pull-type cutter might work on a 4000-series JD, but they are meant to be used by much larger tractors.
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    Default Re: 10ft rotary cutter on a 4x20?

    I think "radman1" is running a 10footer with his 4520. Hopefully he will check this thread.

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    Default Re: 10ft rotary cutter on a 4x20?

    I think you can run a light to medium duty 10' cutter with a 4720 as long as the terrain permits. I would want to try it out to make sure your pto can engage properly though, as you know the electric pto engages kind of fast.

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    Default Re: 10ft rotary cutter on a 4x20?

    Quote Originally Posted by bigbull338 View Post
    a 45 to 50hp tractor will pull a 10ft shredder with ease.i would get a 10ft pull type.3pt lift is to much weight tobe lifting.
    you can always leave the toplink off a 10' 3pt cutter and run it like a semi mount, like a jd mx10.. etc.. I have a howse 10' 3pt cutter.. it's a beast.. but is heavy.. think it weights 2450 or 2800#.. something like that. ( pull it with a ford 5000 67 pto hp )


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    Default Re: 10ft rotary cutter on a 4x20?

    I pull a 8' twin spindle shreader with my 4610 - its a good match. I would not hook up to the howse 10' though with the 4610.

    but that just cause I got a cab 3140 to pull that howse

    turing the blades wont be a problem but its alot of deck behind ya.
    like they have said dont try to run it as a 3 pt - either get a true pull type if you dont have transport issues or follow the directions to make it a floater. That way if you just do happen to wack into something you wont tear-up your tractor.

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