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    Default New Holland TC 30

    Hello, Does anyone have any experience with a New Holland TC 30. I need to pull a 6 foot finish mower and 6 foot bush hog. The dealer just quoted me $9990 for a 2WD, 9x3 mechanical shift, turf tires. Is this a good tractor and a good deal. Thanks for any info. JM

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    Default Re: New Holland TC 30

    Hello gm1 welcome to the forum and a Happy New Year.

    I have a New Holland TC29 basicly the TC Boomer version of the tractor that you are looking at. I also have the 9x3 manual tranny and opted for the model with the fully synchro tranny with live pto. Which would be my suggestion to you, not only does the fully synchro tranny make it much easier and safer to operate. But the live pto is safer, with less wear and tear on your equipment. Just curios as to why you are not considering 4x4? Unless your land is flat and dry all the time, that 4x4 can really come in handy on these compact Utility Tractors. Another thing you really might want to consider is a front loader. There is a 1001 uses for a loader. And the TC30 makes a great small loader tractor. But 4x4 is preferred. The TC30 is a great midsize compact tractor especially for what you are doing. I can't comment on the price as I have never priced a stripped down model. Also the a new TC29 with the synchro tranny and live pto isn't that much higher in price than a TC30.

    As far as mowers are concerned I pull a 6ft rear discharge 3pt finish mower with no problems. But a 6ft brushhog is a little much for the 25 pto hp. A 5ft works much better. And once again with that type of weight hanging off the front end. 4x4 can really be handy. If you go with 2 wheel drive you are probably going to have to hang some exrtra weight off the front.

    Good luck on your new tractor purchase.

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    Default Re: New Holland TC 30

    I too agree with Kodiak that a 6' Bush Hog is a little too much for this machine. I have a 5' Bush Hog on my New Holland TC33D and I don't think I would want to go any higher.

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    Default Re: New Holland TC 30

    My 33hp NH1920 will pull a 6' but 'feels' better with a 5' in thick grass. But I have mowed with the neighbors 6' and cuts fine. I would rather not stress the machine out though.. just take it easy and get more seat time.

    4wd is nice when you need it.. but as pointed out.. if your land is flat and dry.. you may never need it. I use mine when discing... as it helps when turning.. but either way, a 2wd tractor is better than no tractor!

    I don't have a loader.. and have no plans on getting one at this time, so I opted for the gear tranny... 4 ranges 3 gears forward... I just like a gear tranny.. though many people swear by the hst's.. especially folks using their loader alot.

    And i think that price is good.... I paid that for my USED tractor.. though it is a bit bigger.. but for that price you'll get warranty and service, etc.


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