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    Default B2150 MMM lift adjustment problem

    The mower lifting mechanism on my B2150 needs adjusted every year. Each spring, when I mount the mower (RC-72B), I have to adjust the turnbuckles to get the mower back up to the bumper blocks. As the year progresses, the gap between the mower and the bumper bocks grows from the 1/16" I set it to in the spring, to nearly 3/8" by the end of the mowing season. The most disturbing thing is that for the past few years, it has been so dry that I have mowed less than about 35 hours. I can't see what is causing the adjustment to move. There is no obvious wear or damage on anything. The turnbuckles are not moving, the link length is exactly as I set it last spring, and the jam nuts are still locked. Has anyone else had this problem?

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    Default Re: B2150 MMM lift adjustment problem

    Craig,I've owned the same set-up in the past.I never noticed any problems with mine.The only adjustment I can think of, would be that maybe the" stop" on your lever that operates the 3-point might be moving on you.

    I would check to make sure that the lever is in correct position when the deck is fully raised.If the "stop" is moving on you,that would make a difference on your deck height.

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