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    Hello to all. I'm brand new here. Both to owning/operating a tractor and to this list. I just bought my first tractor this past December and would like to hook up with anyone who a) may have one like it and/or b) anyone who will be very patient while I ask a million questions and try to get my feet on solid ground with this thing.
    So, for anyone who'd like to communicate.....I have a Ford, 70-something, 1600 diesel, 4wd with front end loader and brush hog. I've had some repairs done already by a trained mechanic and, while the price was reasonable ( I think), I'd like to start learning about the machine and how to handle it on my own. Oil changes I should be able to do. I changed the battery and the hot cable the first week I had it. The rest has been done by my friend. Loader repairs, etc. I have to change loader hoses (hydraulic) but he says I should be able to do that myself, too.
    I'll be looking for a muffler first off. I've already found that just looking on the Net, this 1600 is not a very popular machine. I may have found two and finding parts seems almost impossible. Am I wrong or just looking in the wrong place?
    Someone from another listserve said they aren't real common. That would be the same person who steered me to this list since, he said, this one is more for the compact owner. So, here I am.
    I would like to e-/chat with anyone that can hep me along in the field, so to speak.
    Most of my work will be done cleaning stalls in a horse barn. But I want to start to learn how to excavate, mow and change attachments. I'm looking for a scraper blade and a backhoe and will take all serious responses as to how to find this items for this rig.
    Well, I hope I'll be glad I found this site and I'm looking forward to hearing from other 1600 owners.
    Thank you.

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    Welcome to the forum, Larry. According to <A target="_blank" HREF=></A> the 1600 was only made from 1976 to 1979 so there may not be too many of them around (or at least too many owners of them on the forum). However, many of the questions tractor owners have, and the answers, are good for several different models, so I would imagine that some of our members will be able to answer most of your questions. And while some of us try to find time to at least scan all the forums, others do not, so if you have questions about that particular tractor, you may be more likely to get answers if you post them in the "NH Owning/Operating" forum. It was formerly the Ford/New Holland forum. Have fun with it, and yes, your friend is right; changing hydraulic hoses is quite simple and lots of places (auto parts stores, tractor dealers, farmers' co-ops, etc.) will custom make new hoses while you wait.

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    HI LARRY: WELCOME TO THE FORUM! don't know to much about that model, but i think others on this forum might be more familar with this tractor. did a quick search and seems it appperars to be a late 70 unit, don't beleive ther were to many of them made(wonder why?) make sure u check out ant sites dedicated to older fords. ammazing the amt. of info that is out there.

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    I've only been around tractors and this website for about five months now and I can tell you that you will find a wealth of information. I too have a somewhat obscure tractor (1980 Long 1563), but as was mentioned above in another post much of the information is applicable regardless of tractor color. I spent a lot of time just reading old posts and the search button has become my good friend.

    Welcome to the website and to the world of tractoring. For me there is nothing more relaxing than playing (oops, working) the property with the tractor.


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