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    Default Re: Stuck

    Quote Originally Posted by gaproperty View Post
    Here in New Brunswick Canada, for the last 8 months there has been some form of precipitation at least 4 days a week. The ground is saturated but was surface dry enough to tempt an idiot like me to attempt to till with my brand new tiller. Down to the axles I went. The land owner was a great guy and we worked two hours to get the tractor out shoveling and putting rocks under the wheel.

    I got flagged down on the way home. A guy wanted a little work done. Again his property was to wet so I gave up but not in time for the clutch spin on the tiller.

    I see a brand bag wrapped in the tines. I hope that is the problem and not damage I did when I was stuck. still raining so I will have to check later.

    Anybody have any experience with tillers getting stuck with brand bags?
    If the tiller is all mucked up from being stuck, you may also find a rock or something stuck in the tines when you clean it off. With any luck, the sack should be fairly easy to cut away... unlike what happens when your tiller runs across some old chain-link fence wire someone left on the ground. Don't ask how I know this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gaproperty View Post
    ...till with my brand new tiller...
    I assume you know that they ship these without oil. (just making sure everyone knows )

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    Quote Originally Posted by teg View Post
    I assume you know that they ship these without oil. (just making sure everyone knows )
    Mine had like a grease in it

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    Default Re: Stuck

    Far as getting stuck, I found an answer that seems to work every time as long as the tractor is still running and pulling power to the wheels is good. By taking some six inch channel iron and welding eye lets on the ends along with a set of chains for this setup. Once you realize you're going down stop grab the paddles which should be cut short enough to fit the width of the tire plus the margine between the wheel and fender and a same to the outside of the tire, mine got the fender the first time I tried it out too long but figured it out. the chain runs through the wheel between the rim and flange or in my case I just welded hooks to the flange. the chain holds the channel to the tire and it only slips around til the slack is gone. I have built four for both sides and it usually comes out with just the paddles but I have gotten stuck in some creek bottoms and ponds where I needed to bring some trees cut about three foot longand the channel will grab them and help drag them under giving it something to stand on and increasing the size of the paddle. If you have a pretty tractor and want to keep it that way some preventive messures can be taken to keep the chains from sratching the paint and spotters help you keep an eye on whats going on. using low gear will save your clutch alot of wear as you are putting a heck of a load on the tractor when pulling itself out of a suction.

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    Default Re: Stuck

    This is almost as bad as when we moved up on the farm in '53, It took my dad a bit to realize '
    that a Mac a dam road is really a Macadam road (also known as a tarred and chipped road).
    Just the difference between Northern New Jersey and Southern Tier of NY. (Waverly, NY area)
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