I have had the Deere 810a ztr mentioned above for 3 years(only 27.5 hours), and I just dont know if I want to keep it over getting a JD 3x20 tractor with a MMM and FEL.

Dont get me wrong, the cut quality and speed of the 810a is fine, but I just aint crazy about the zero turn. I dont have the finest lawn, but it tears up the yard on turns and is quite dirty to operate as you are always driving right thru the dust cloud you just made. I wear long clothes, hats, and masks, but I always suck up a lot of dust.

I have always liked cutting with a tractor, but I dont know about MMMs enough to know if they cut good and are easy to adjust as well as install/uninstall.

So, what do ya'll say. Anyone use both and have an opinion ?

As a side note, I know a RFM may be better to seperate me from the cutting debris, but I really didnt want to go that route. I have used one on dad's farm for years, but they can be difficult to manuever around objects as well as the outswing when turning.