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    Default Fixing ruts?

    I was bush hogging around the outside of a field/ orchard and managed to hit a very soft spot (too much rain) on a relatively steep uphill section. Loaded ag tires needed 4x4 and diff lock to keep moving. Damaged section is about 15 to 20 feet with ruts about 1foot deep but wider than track as I had to turn to get out, slipping, etc.

    Any thoughts on how to best repair? Use loader / blade to fill in and then plant something?


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    Default Re: Fixing ruts?

    Catch it when it is starting to dry out but is still moist enough to crumble easily in your hand. Then use your bucket to backdrag and smooth over the ruts.

    You can seed it if you want but I suspect it would grow back on its own.

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    Default Re: Fixing ruts?

    Thanks Steve that sounds like good advice. At this rate with All the rain, it will be September!

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    Default Re: Fixing ruts?

    Wait till it dries up and drive down the high points on either side of the rut to flatten it out.

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    Default Re: Fixing ruts?

    If you wait until it si COMPLETELY dry and you wont create more ruts, my perfered method is

    Use a back blade angled as steeply as you can. Straddle the rut and drop the blade. This will roll dirt from one side back into the rut, but it will move the dirt on the other side a little farther away. Simply turn around and hit it going the other way
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    Default Re: Fixing ruts?

    You have to replace at least as much soil as what came out stuck to your tires.

    Somehow, in defiance of all known laws of physics, some ruts never have enough dirt around them to refill completely.
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    Default Re: Fixing ruts?

    weve had some success fixing ruts with a 3pt tiller.but you may not have a tiller.

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    Default Re: Fixing ruts?

    Sometimes if you ignore them, they will go away in time.
    Thread on helpful tractor abbreviations:

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    Default Re: Fixing ruts?

    Quote Originally Posted by TripleR View Post
    Sometimes if you ignore them, they will go away in time.
    Yep, that's my method.
    And in fact they do get much better over time.

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    Default Re: Fixing ruts?

    Hmm lots of possible options. We do have a tiller if needed

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