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    Default Stiff Synchro Shuttle


    I just picked up my new (used) 2006 Challenger MT335B tractor today. It is heads and tails above the IH 260A that I had been using. The power, feel and layout of the controls are great - I didn't want to leave the seat!

    My only concern is the synchro shuttle lever. It moves fairly well into reverse, but needs some serious encouragement to move into forward. I am having to snap it into place, sometimes using two hands.

    Any ideas on how to fix this would be much appreciated - or is it supposed to be a bit stiff?

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    Default Re: Stiff Synchro Shuttle

    sounds like you need to take it into the dealers.i had something similer happen to my new MX5100 HST kubota.the ball wasnt rolling in the forks right when id shift from nutral to the range i wanted to run the manchinic can out an worked on it.

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