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    Default Re: Driving a CUT on the roads in MA

    MA does not want any farmers operating withing the state! They would get more tax dollars if all farms were converted to subdivisions and strip malls.

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    Default Re: Driving a CUT on the roads in MA

    Quote Originally Posted by marxman View Post
    Basically my in-laws live 3-4miles down the road from me. I would love to be able to take my tractor to their house to help out with chores. I realize that I could get a trailer and haul it to their house... but it would be SO much more fun to put the hazard lights on and drive it to their house
    I'd just drive it. Even if it turns out to be technically illegal, an ignorance plea would likely take care of it. 'Course, the second time they get ya...

    I wouldn't hesitate to drive my tractor a couple of miles on the road. I'm fairly convinced that nobody would bother me.


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    Default Re: Driving a CUT on the roads in MA

    Just something to consider; if you were to be involved in a road accident with your tractor you would face serious financial risk if you're not registered and insured. Typically, homeowners insurance will cover a tractor while on your property, but not on the road or other's property. New Hampshire RSA 261:83 states that "a tractor shall qualify for farm tractor registration rates .....when used exclusively for agricultural purposes" Many town clerks ignore this law, and the DMV will not intercede. You might consider registering with the NH Secretary of State as a farm as this may convince the town clerk that you qualify for farm tractor plates. The next step would be to find an insurance company that will issue liability insurance for your tractor; many will not insure a tractor while off your property.

    I found the process to "get legal' neither easy nor cheap, but I can now travel on a public road without worrying about anything more than my crazy fellow drivers.

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    Default Re: Driving a CUT on the roads in MA

    Thanks Steve and Redsox1. I always wondered why I saw tractors driving up and down the road with no plates on. I always assumed they needed farm plates in MA, but figured they knew the cops pretty well so everything was "kosher". But they are "real" farmers, doing real farming things (hay fields for the most part), so it looks like the law applies and they don't need plates.

    It didn't bother me either way, was just curious as to what the law was. Good to know too since I was also wondering if it was OK for me to take a tractor down the road a bit to help out a neighbor. Looks like the answer is "no" from an official standpoint.
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    Default Re: Driving a CUT on the roads in MA

    I have a "CE" plate on my GC tractor- "Construction Equipment." Since I am not a farm, that was the way to get a plate so I could legally be on a public roadway. I sometimes drive 2 miles or so to help out neighbors. But it's a secondary road. Don't think I'd like to chance it on Rte 4 down the street a ways!
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