Some of you may remember my thread "tractor died, need to remarry. " Here is a follow-up regarding how my new Simplicity mows, etc.

I have two acres of grass, mostly gently sloping with some steep spots. The 60" deck mows beautifully without scalping, and since it is free floating with rollers, it gives a nice even cut. The traction of the tractor in 2wd is exceptional (it has a special differential to accomplish this) and in 4wd it is impressive. I no longer leave skid marks on the steep parts (even when grass is wet) and the turn radius is still pretty tight.

The 27 hp Kawasaki runs smooth and powerfully. Controls are easy to operate. The tractor is built like a tank, and I am thoroughly satisfied with this machine. I know this review is not too in-depth or technical, but after working for several years at a golf course, and having operated a wide variety of machinery, up to and including a Boeing 767, I can say with conviction that this Legacy XL is a great tractor.