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    Default Re: Rotary cutting pics

    Quote Originally Posted by rattletrap View Post
    I'm saving up some money for a 6' hog with slip-clutch and stump-jumper.
    Keep them pics coming!
    Before you take the plunge on the slip-clutch there are a few threads here about the reliability of them, it makes for interesting reading. I have a Land Pride 5 footer with a slip clutch, I wish now I'd saved some money and got the model with the shear bolt.

    Nice pics! I like spending a day in the seat mowing, we have a couple fields of our own that get done a few times a year, and a couple of big ones that belong to a friend that we do as well.


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    Default Re: Rotary cutting pics

    Quote Originally Posted by Degolyerent View Post
    These are some pics of somebody's place I mowed last year, it sure grows fast
    It really should be cut more often but they pay by the hour so I cut when they call.
    I cut a path backing in so I could get a good pic,I have cut it twice before so I know there are no obstacles in the way, but I always cut with the bucket close to the ground, just in case
    Nice pictures, I actually kind of like to mow the tall stuff. A lowered bucket has saved my tractors many times and the FEL has gotten me out of a few washouts too.
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    Default Re: Rotary cutting pics

    I've mowed and cut some brush, and trees back through the woods, but the only time I stopped to make a picture was just mowing my pasture with the B2710 kubota and a Howse 500 rotary cutter.
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    Default Re: Rotary cutting pics

    I've posted these before, but since you're asking for photos, I'll show these again. Reclaiming old pastures and hay fields from the willows and poplars.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Rotary cutting pics-011-jpg   Rotary cutting pics-012-jpg   Rotary cutting pics-023-jpg   Rotary cutting pics-024-jpg  

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    I have some pics of a effluent pond I mowed the sides are steeper than they look or at least they seemed that way while I was on the tractor mowing
    It was actually a " double" pond, one side is active and the other side has a chance to dry out and be maintained, you can tell the active side from the green scummy water, I stayed away from it the best I could but the tractor got a good clean-up after that one
    I have really enjoyed everyones pics, I love to mow for cash
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Rotary cutting pics-image-91259059-jpg   Rotary cutting pics-image-1860349196-jpg  

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    Default Re: Rotary cutting pics

    I've also posted some of these before,but here's some of mine.


    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Rotary cutting pics-003-jpg   Rotary cutting pics-005-jpg   Rotary cutting pics-004-jpg   Rotary cutting pics-010-jpg  
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    Default Re: Rotary cutting pics

    You guys need some cows!

    "If your sport does not put grease, blood, or dirt under your fingernails, then it's just a game!"

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    Default Re: Rotary cutting pics

    I second that which Redbug said...a few cows'll keep all that fine munching ground in check! I can only wish I had something as large to maintain//play in! great pics guys.. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Rotary cutting pics

    Here are before/after pics (almost from the same angle) of part of a 2.5a lot that I cut twice a year for a neighbor. He's a disable Nam vet so I don't charge him very much to do it. Heck, I would just about pay him to let me cut it for the seat time!!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Rotary cutting pics-bush-hogging-004-jpg   Rotary cutting pics-bush-hogging-006-jpg  
    Nothing could be finer than riding my JD790 in South Carolina!!

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    Default Re: Rotary cutting pics

    My neighbor asked me to bush hog his overgrown field (once a hay field) next to mine. I just got the bush hog in April and am still learning about it. It has already hit a rock the size of a softball out the back 3-4' in the air at a good clip. The horses had been in the lower part of the pasture (I was in the upper) but took off for the barn when it came out with all of the noise.
    I am using an older 5' International Agitech tow along bush hog. (hitches to the drawbar and two wheels trailing. I set the front lower than the back. I usually run along with the bucket on my TC30 maybe 10" above the ground. I go right over saplings, thorn bushes, apple trees, dogwood, birch, spruce, white pine up to 2 inches or so, 3" sometimes. There's noise, wood slivers- sometimes the root ball and bit of trunk. I travel at mid range 2nd at about 1800 rpms. 3rd is too fast, 1st too slow.
    One patch of birch was awfully noisy and almost stalled the tractor- clutched it in time. I thought - that's the last time I hit a birch, but on my swing by again- I saw I had run over a pile of rocks and the birch had simply grown in the middle of them.
    I enjoy it and it preserves the fields. Everything else up here goes to trees in no time.
    I keep our pasture low for my wife to ride on, and slowly the weeds are being replaced by grasses.
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