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    Default Re: Kubota L3010 Traction While Box Blading

    I have a L3010 also. My 3010 is 4wd,with R4 tires that are loaded. I use this as my primary mower with
    no problem whatsoever. My mower is Landpride fdr2572 with a wgt. of 670#. The only problem one
    would have,is if your soil is of soft-wet type. Loaded tires are also great for FEL work,snowplowing etc.

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    Default Re: Kubota L3010 Traction While Box Blading

    I'm going to guess that you are letting the boxblade rest directly on the ground. You need to lift the boxblade an inch or two off the ground and operate with an eye on the blade and your hand on the lift lever. This will prevent the blade from filling up, and also utilize the weight of the blade to aid in traction. This technique takes a little practice, but works great.

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    Default Re: Kubota L3010 Traction While Box Blading

    I also do finish mowing with my L3010. Up until July of last year my R4's were not loaded. Worked okay, but with the hills I have I decided to fill the tires. Sure could tell the difference. I mow in 2wd and would slip here an there on some little grades. Loaded tires stopped all that slipping, and as long as I stay in 2wd it hardly marks my yard. Actually, it marks less because i wouldn't spin on some of the grades like I did before the tires were loaded. Not perfect, but given the choice, I'd keep em loaded. The extra traction is really noticeable.
    Moon of Ohio

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