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    Default breaking in 4035

    I have 37 hours on new 4035 and I am into skidding and falling for now. I have been worried about idling to much and am keeping unit at about 2500 while off of seat.
    Am I too paranoid about idle, should I reduce to say 2000 when off unit?
    I wonder how long I should be off unit before shutting down. Right now I usually am off for about 5 to 10 min.
    Also will keeping the rpms up with no load cause any problems. Thanks

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    Default Re: breaking in 4035

    I'm not going to say what you are doing is right or wrong. I know that I have never done what you are doing and I have had zero engine problems. When I get off the tractor and leave it running I just let it idle at the 800 rpm that it is set to idle at. I have done this with both of the tractors that I have purchased new.
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    Default Re: breaking in 4035

    I agree with what MtnViewRanch said about the idle, but when you are working the tractor, ya need to keep the RPM's up during the break in. Otherwise you run the risk of having a 'wimp' tractor later on.

    The break-in procedure should be in your operators manual, it should say basically what i did(except the 'wimp' word).

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    Default Re: breaking in 4035

    37 hours is plenty enough break in to let it idle any reasonable amount of time.

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    Default Re: breaking in 4035

    if you get off the tractor you can idle it down all the way.but theres no need in killing an starting it every 10 or 15mins.

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