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    Default Problem starting a Ford 8N

    I have a Ford 8N which is stubbornly refusing to start. When pressing the start button, I hear a click in the starter motor but nothing else. Not sure where to go from here. Anybody got suggestions or had a similar experience?
    Cheers. Jim

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    Default Re: Problem starting a Ford 8N

    weak battery, bad or corroded connection in wires is where I would start.

    Also could be bad spot in starter, or silenoid.

    Would be helpful to know if its 6v or been converted to 12v

    The other thing I have done is boosted with 12v cabels directly on starter (not battery unless its another 6v vehicle). Make sure its in neutral and don't hold them on long. It will whirl over fast but should start easy if starter is good.

    The other thing I usually do if I am having trouble starting my tractors is pull them with a truck to get them started and let them warm up a little so they start easier off the starter.

    Not sure how mechanically inclined you are maybe you have already checked this stuff, But good luck!!!
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    Default Re: Problem starting a Ford 8N

    First thing I would do is check the battery and make sure it has juice in it, make sure the terminals aren't corroded and the connections are tight.

    If the battery is not the problem, then as previously stated it might be the solenoid or the starter. Google for additional help on that...
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    Default Re: Problem starting a Ford 8N

    yep.. check battery volts when starting.. if they stay hight, then start checking bat terminal ends and connections including ground strap to rusty? painted? metal..

    next connections at soleneoid, and then starter.

    also.. just a fyi.. a foot ont he clutch means you don't have to spin trans shafts around in gear oil = more starter speed.

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    Default Re: Problem starting a Ford 8N

    Okay , another slow cranking 8N ford?
    Okay, Legal disclaimer: Old but not senile, definitely do not have the answer to everything!

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