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    Default New Product that Aides the Customer!!

    Check out this article about John Deere's new product. It's one of the largest ever and is actually intended, as well as a success, to help US THE PEOPLE get more productivity. An industry that cares more about the customer during these hard cropping times. Thought I'd share the wealth of knowledge about the new product!!

    Deere's New Product Intro Was the Largest Ever | John Deere MachineFinder

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    Default Re: New Product that Aides the Customer!!

    There's no doubt that John Deere makes a lot of fine equipment, but I don't understand the "Aides the Customer" comment. They make what they think will sell at a profit, just as any of the other manufacturers do. And a little cheap riding mower by any of the manufactuerers "aids the customer" or he wouldn't have bought it.

    Now those huge new John Deere machines really do look nice, if you have a huge farm to work, and a huge bank account to pay for the machines.

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