When doing jobs one uses what he has available. Years ago I cut 30 or so small trees and left the stumps to rot. What a nightmare mowing around/over them. I said I'd never do that again.

So now I take my post hole digger (tractor) and dig a couple holes as close to the stump as I can get and dig around it as good as possible with a shovel and then start washing the dirt away from the roots with a garden hose (pressure washer causes too much spatter). The holes drilled with the phd gives me a place for my water and dirt to run off to. I can usually get one out in an hour or so doing it this way. I cut the tree off about head high leaving me a good long stump for leverage when pulling. Just wash the dirt away and cut the roots as you go. As you wash, you find more. After getting most of the ground level ones cut the tractor can usually pull the ones missed growing straight down...usually. But washing the dirt away lets you see what you are dealing with and gives you clean cuts without dirt in the way.