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    Default Additional ballast required with cast rims?

    I've been a convert for fluid filled tires when I got my L3400's tires filled with Calcium Chloride. The ride was stabilized and the rear did not feel light any more when I went to work with the FEL.

    I am looking at a kubota M7040 now which is equipped with cast iron wheels. The dealer tells me that the should provide me with enough ballast for what I am doing - lifting 4x5 maybe 5x5 bales. His estimate is that they add 350 lb per wheel.

    I'm wondering whether I should bite the bullet and get additional wheel weights put on or the tires filled. Filling with Rimguard of the equivalent around here is not cheap - probably ~900 dollars. For once wheel weights may not be too expensive. Set of three for about 600 or 700 dollars. Not sure they will be as stable as fluid in the tires though.

    What do the rest of you think?
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    Default Re: Additional ballast required with cast rims?

    An additional 700lbs @ the tires doesnt seem like enough for that sized tractor to me??

    But either way, large tractor or small, you shouldnt rely on ballast alone, even if it is enough to keep the rear down.

    You really need something on the 3PH, otherwise known as "counterweight".

    Because all the weight in the tires does nothing to take weight off the front axle. Counterweight DOES. So I would advise rear weight. A heavy bushhog perhapse? Or a rear bale spear with a bale?

    With that sized tractor, sure ballast will be enough to do the work, but with a counterweight, your front end will thank you.
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