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    Default Terramite TC5 hydraulic oil

    I just bought a 2004 terramite tc5. It is whining when I drive foward or backwards. I checked the hydraulic fluid and it is not even reading on the dipstic. I have called around and no one has even heard of the fluid that the manual says to put in it. It calls for API SFCD 15W-40. Some people have told me that sounds like motor oil and tractor suply told me to use universal hydro oil. PLEASE HELP.

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    Default Re: Terramite TC5 hydraulic oil

    It is motor oil , 15w-40 with an api service factor of at least "cd" which is no problem because thats an old rating , all the oil on the shelf today should be at least "CG". Terremite specifically advises against using hydraulic oil. Some hydrostats do whine a bit even when the oil is ok , so you're not alarmed. Doesn't mean the hydro is bad or failing.

    Rather than topping it up this may be a good time to just drain it and change the filter, fresh start is good for piece of mind.


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    Default Re: Terramite TC5 hydraulic oil

    Just a heads up.
    First off I don't know anything about your tractor but I have a 1990 vintage dozer that calls for "CD" motor oil in the transmissiom. I CANNOT use the newer "C" series oils. The oils later than "CD" and especially the currant ones like "CG" oils have addatives that make them to slippery for the operation of wet clutches and brakes. (The price you pay for progress). Also, you probably need a non-detergent oil to reduce foaming. Non-detergent multi viscosity is hard to find.
    I would do some research and not jump on motor oil unless you are sure.
    Probably a multiviscosity hydraulic tractor fluid that meets Cat spec TO-4 or TO-2 is what you will end up with if you have wet brakes and clutches.
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