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    Default Re: mouse deterrant.....winters coming

    Quote Originally Posted by bcp View Post
    You don't have mice.

    These people have mice!

    Mice plague in Australia - YouTube

    Yep thats true we breed them fast here. with the drought and lack of cold wet weather their numbers have soared in recent years.
    We use a product called storm.Mice love it.......kills them quick..............and the dealer says its non toxic to cats within 30 mins of the mouse ingesting it.
    Works for me. we have had our cat for 9 years with no problems.


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    Default Re: mouse deterrant.....winters coming

    I'm not sure if it was this thread or another mouse thread but I remember someone asking if the bucket trap without water would work. I keep a pail of the bait blocks on a shelf in the barn but I got tired of the tons of mouse droppings that were all around it. I guess even though it's sealed well the mice can still smell something. I was going to move the bucket to the floor but spotted a cut off drum that came along with the property and I haven't figured out a use for it other than a place to set things that I haven't found a spot for yet. I came back next week and found a dead mouse inside the drum so I would say with the proper distances something like this would work. Problem is, I'm a wimp when it comes to actually killing things so what to do when I find a live mouse in there.

    mouse deterrant.....winters coming-pa230028-jpg mouse deterrant.....winters coming-pa230029-jpg

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    Default Re: mouse deterrant.....winters coming

    Quote Originally Posted by 955Lincoln View Post
    what to do when I find a live mouse in there.
    Go away; come back later.

    My hills have hills.

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    Default Re: mouse deterrant.....winters coming

    Went out to use the D3 this morning and had to repair mouse damage first... maybe the third time in 15 years...

    This time I used bounce sheets behind the instruments... willing to try anything at this point... hope it works.

    Chewed insulation on some wires and completely through the 1/8 oil pressure line in two places...

    I knew I had a problem when I saw oil running down the backside of the panel.

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    Default Re: mouse deterrant.....winters coming

    Too bad snakes get lethargic in the winter. I gave up on keeping the rat snakes out of my barn. I'd find a couple and kill them only to have the mice move in. I'd rather have the snakes.

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    Default Re: mouse deterrant.....winters coming

    Coyotes have eaten every barn cat I've had, except for one old one I had to put down last winter. New Pyrenees apparantly isn't very cat friendly. Will go down and stuff dryer sheets into lawn mower and miata that are put away all ready and see where to stuff one under hood of tractor. Can't stamd the smell of them either, so would be reluctant to put one in the cab...
    Had mice eat some wiring in the lawn mower last summer. Will also set a dry roller trap with peanut butter-and reset pack rat trap. Thanks for all the tips!

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    Default Re: mouse deterrant.....winters coming

    Maybe someone already mentioned these but I buy sticky traps..they are sticky sheets ..come about 6 to a pack at Wally world..around $2.00 and when I have to leave my Tractor at the Farm in the field overnight I put one on each side of the platform since I figure a mouse will come up that way to get under the hood ..I have not caught one yet..thankfully but if one steps on that ..he won't get away... You could put them under the hood ...anywhere and they are cheap enough and you can save them until you catch one.

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    Default Re: mouse deterrant.....winters coming

    I use the sticky traps and also the kind that have the trap door on them that once they're tripped you just pitch them. I'm probably going to try the bucket trap though too. I've got a bunch of the pool chemical buckets. They're old so hopefully the chlorine smell is gone from them enough so it won't deter the mice.

    I had a guy give me a bass boat a couple of years ago because rodents got into it and ate all the wiring up. That's a project that I'm still working on too.

    A few months ago we were up in our attic rearranging and cleaning stuff out and our dog got up there and without me knowing it stepped into one of the sticky traps I had in the attic. I came out of there about 10 minutes later and saw him limping around with that thing on his foot. He looked pitiful because he couldn't figure out what was wrong. It was a mess and it took weeks for all the sticky to wear off the pads on his paws and the fur surrounding them.
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    Default Re: mouse deterrant.....winters coming

    Quote Originally Posted by Fermenter View Post

    Couple of things I learned:

    Block all the holes you can. Expandafoam in a can is great for this and the mice don't like it. Also, mice only work really hard to get in somewhere if they can smell food. They don't tunnel like mad just to see if there's a nice comfy nesting site on the other side. It isn't an all-or-nothing thing either - they aren't exactly clever - if you halve the number of holes for them to get in, you probably halve the number of mice that get in.

    Don't put baits in places you don't want mice. The baits attract them. Put the baits where you DO want the mice. Let them set up a nice little home near the baits and eat and $#!t and die away from whatever you are trying to protect. I couldn't believe my neighbours putting bait all through their houses and then complaining they had mice inside. I put all my baits outside the house, blocked the ingress points as best I could and just put a couple of traps down inside to get the buggers that did get in, and I had the least problems with mice despite the house already being infested when I bought it. Old habits die hard though, I was the new guy and they wouldn't listen...
    I have used the expandafoam on my trailer slideout and it seemed to help a lot. I still see a few droppings. I never thought that putting the poison bait traps inside would actually attract them. Good thought. We do keep some food stashed in the microwave (crackers), knowing that they can't get it. But do they smell it and try to get in anyway? Maybe we better take all food out when we leave.

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    Default Re: mouse deterrant.....winters coming

    I had mice get into the insulation lining the underside of my Dodge PU hood. Later that winter I was driving along and I saw a little head pop up near the base of my windshield by the wiper blade. It was a weasel! Must have been hunting those rascally mice.

    I figured sooner or later I 'd have a whole ecosystem under there - maybe even see a bear's head poke out
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