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    Default jd4610 W/460 loader comeing off back posts

    I was scraping off a concrete parking lot today had about 6" of silt run off on it hit a new section of concrete and loader frame hopped off the mount and came up in the seat with me backed up and relocked it in place and finished the job had this happed one time while pushin up a burn pile anyone had a similar experience

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    Default Re: jd4610 W/460 loader comeing off back posts

    That's scary!!

    I'm not familar with the 460 loader, but if it's anything like the 430 loader, there should be a locking bracket on the front (weight box) bracket and the loader cross beam. There should also be a locking mechanism on one of the loader arms just forward of the mast.
    Are both in placed and properly locked down or adjusted? I have seen that front bracket missing on some tractors.
    If you have the loader manual, I strongly suggest you review it and make sure your loader is set up and installed correctly before there's serious damage or injury.
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