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    Default Re: Dust from mowing

    I had similar issues with my rotary cutter. The dust just made it too painful to want to be out there, and I would wait until it rained before mowing.

    I got the idea to use an old tire on the front of my cutter to stop the dust from coming forward. I cut the tire in half, and bolted it onto the front where I had holes already there. My guess is the holes are for chains. The shape of the tire works perfectly for catching the dust and sending it off to the sides. The tire also slides over everything without catching on anything.

    Really a simple solution that was cheap and EXTREMLY effective.


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    Default Re: Dust from mowing

    Better be careful and on the look out. The EPA is gona get ya. Farmers can't make dust any more. O-Bummer took care of that for us other folks.
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    Default Re: Dust from mowing

    Quote Originally Posted by johnrex62 View Post
    Do you happen to have a list of dealers doing no cost upgrades, cause that's about the limit on my discretionary budget these days.
    I was hoping you'd know so I could upgrade to a cabbed tractor myself.
    Paraphrasing Douglas Adams - So long and thanks for all the bacon.

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