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    Default Iseki TS 2205 Won\'t start when using key!!

    I have a strange problem. My Iseki TS 2205 won't start with the key. I just bought it a week ago. It started fine everytime I looked at it while I was neogating to buy it. It started three times since I got it home. I have all electrical working except won't turn over starter. Low and High beams work off key switch, horn works, turn signals work and glow plug works.

    My first thought is I have blown a fuse. Does any one know where fuse box would be if the tractor had one?

    Would this tractor have an in line fuse? If so where?

    Last question how do you take off the sheet metal panel where switches are located?

    Or what else could be causing my problems? I realize it might be a bad wire. Sure hope not. Looks lie it will be a bugger to trace it.

    Thank for you in put.

    Don Worrell

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    Default Re: Iseki TS 2205 Won\'t start when using key!!

    Check you battery terminals, and the connections where they go to the starter and ground. It may have a weak connection, which will flow enough current for lights but nothing else. A good cleaning won't hurt anyways. Check the battery fluid while you're there too, just for good measure. Remember that sometimes there will be corrosion under the wire insulation that can cause problems, so check, especially the ground, carefully.

    Find the starter and selenoid. There are only a couple wires going to it. One will be the "Ignition" or starter line. Use a test light or meter, and check the voltage there. Have someone turn the key and check the voltage to ensure it is good. If not, follow that wire...

    Check the clutch safety switch, if so equipped. Try pushing the clutch in as far as it will go. Maybe that switch got jossled in transport. You can measure the voltage at both sides of the clutch safety switch too, just like you did for the starter.

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    Default Re: Iseki TS 2205 Won\'t start when using key!!

    Check to make sure any other starting safety features are in the correct position like PTO (off), shifter(neutral), range selector(neutral), etc.

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    Default Re: Iseki TS 2205 Won\'t start when using key!!

    I don't know your tractor, Don but it sounds like it could be a safety interlock issue. Like is it in neutral...PTO disengage...clutch engaged...sitting on the seat.

    Like I said, I don't know your tractor.

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