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    Default Changing Fluids Question.

    On my 2006 NH TC 30 Manual Trans. with 310 hours. When do I really need to change the coolant?
    The manual says flush and change every year. That seems too often.

    According to the manual it is time to change the Hyd. Fluid and Front Axle. The fluid is Clear and Clean. Would you wate to say 500 hours? I did change the Hyd.Filter at 50 Hours and toped off the fluid.

    I change my motor oil ,oil filter , Primary Air Filter , and Fuel filter every 50 hours or year.

    I grease the Tractor and loader 2 to 3 times a year.

    Thanks for some Experenced advice.
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    Default Re: Changing Fluids Question.

    I'll defer to others on whether and when to change the coolant and the hydraulic fluid. I'll just comment on the greasing.

    If you are using the tractor much at all, it sounds like you are not greasing the loader often enough. What do you have for grease points on the tractor. I'm sure you have some on the steering linkage. Anything else?

    If you're not a heavy user, perhaps once a month would be about right for greasing both the loader and the tractor grease points. If you are working the heck out of it, once a week may not be often enough.

    Just my thoughts. Remember, my free advice is guaranteed to be worth at least as much as it costs.
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    Default Re: Changing Fluids Question.

    Just asked the same thing at the kubota dealer, shop said check it but not to change it (400 hrs).
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