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    Default Re: Marine Battery?

    The local Advanced Auto has the same battery used by the OP in stock for $70. The posts are in the right spot and the threaded marine connections could make it easy to add some fused accessory wiring to feed a couple lighting relays. It makes an attractive option. I'm still going to shop around some to see what I can get a sealed battery for.
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    Default Re: Marine Battery?

    I went shopping for a road vehicle battery recently, so my criteria was a bit different.

    For a sealed battery, I probably would have picked up one of these Northstars. Around here, they price out similar to Optima. I'm told this is a division of Exide.

    NorthStar Ultra High Performance Batteries - 99.99% Pure Lead AGM Plate Technology

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    I would not go with a marine battery. They are deisgned to be discharged and recharged they are not a starting battery. I just put a Optima in my car, if it works out good that is what the tractors will get when they need them. They are definatley going to get a AGM battery because of vibration. My bobcat always had acid running down out of it. The optima and oddesy batteries have a lot of cca which will be nice to get a tractor started on a cold morning.

    Quote Originally Posted by jenkinsph View Post
    I prefer the Odyssey or Die Hard platimum they build for Sears, use to use the Optimas' in my boat but too many failures with them. Since changing over to the Odysseys' the reserve capacity is much better than the OPtimas. For vehicles which are started and used frequently I get a full six years out of the Walmart Everstart Maxx for a lot less cost. The tractors all get the agm batteries DieHard because of vibration. I am getting ready to replace the Deere battery in my 4520 next week and hope I can find a DieHard or Odyssey that fits.
    Some of the everstart batteries are JCI, Johnson Control Inc. They make Interstate and Optima. Here is a group size chart to help you find a battery that may will fit.

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    Default Re: Marine Battery?

    Thanks for the link.

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