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Hello folks,

I am the shy new owner of a used kubota B7800 with a FEL and a 58" tiller. We have piles and piles of excavated dirt to be pushed back around a foundation and a drainage ditch. Ditch varies from 2' to 5' in depth, while the foundation is from 5' to 10'. Never really used a FEL before, except I cleared snow from our driveway a bit, although fairly incompetently.

I am wondering if you all have any advice for this newbie. I don't want to do anything stupid, and wish I could find FEL lessons on the internet, something that would say "First try this for 30 minutes. Then progress to that."

Any advice is welcome from those of you who've got experience.

the back fill I have seen was #57 rock almost to ground level, above the french drain ?
keep your hand on the joy stick !